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History of Sherwani


Posted On 28 Feb 2021

First form of sherwani like coat can be traced to Kushan king Kanishka who ruled northern Indian subcontinent and came to throne in 78 AD.. . . . By Lubna Irfan


A brief History of Epidemics in India

Posted on 17, May 2020

Covid-19 seems to be the first pandemic of the new millennium and most of the people living through it are doing it for the first time in their lives. . . .


Review: Gulabo Sitabo

Review: Gulabo Sitabo

Posted on 22, June 2020

The movie tries to tell the tale of the ultimate downfall of the once privileged and powerful class in a comic way. The story is hinged on Mirza . . . . by Lubna Irfan

Indian History

Dividing the Past: A brief overview of divided India's heritage


Posted On 25 July 2020

A recent news report on the threat of demolition being faced by an almost a century old Kapoor Haveli at Peshawar . . . . By Lubna Irfan


Mughal architecture

Posted on 30, Nov 2020

Mughal architecture of India divides itself into three distinct, namely Early Mughal, Late Mughal and Later Mughal styles. . . by Lubna Irfan


Historic Environs of Aligarh: Asgharabad

Posted on 06, Dec 2020

Asgharabad is located at a distance of 22 km from the city of Aligarh. It houses a mansion constructed by the founder of the settlement Asghar Ali Khan. He was . . . by Lubna Irfan

Mughal Culture

What did the Mughals eat?

Posted on 07, Dec 2020

While most of the historical narratives give detailed information about political developments under the Mughal Empire, there are certain aspects that have not been much touched upon regarding the Mughal past. . . . by Lubna Irfan


Posted on 17, Feb 2018

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